Typecasting errors - Module 2 QMoney

I am getting an issue in trying to convert a LinkedHashMap into a TiingleCandle Object.

I keep getting this error

I have tried to look into the module FAQs but the type declarations are a little inclear to me, I would really appreciate it if somebody could clarify what is to be done here, and where I am going wrong.

I am extremely new to Java and hence I think it is a type casting issue. But please feel free to let me know what the exact issue is.

You are not supposed to share screenshot of the code.

Hey can you refer to this following FAQ, for this module task you have to implement the REST Template in this module,

You can directly convert your JSON response into an ArrayList.

Hope this solved your issue :slight_smile:
You can tag me further, if are not able to understand

Hey since, I have not received any response from you, I am closing this ticket :), you can re-open a new one