TODOs in module 4 aren't clear

Can anybody explain these TODOs to me. It looks like I’ve got incomplete ones.
I mean where is part#2

Hey go through the below FAQ, to understand what a Factory Pattern is.
You basically have to implement only call the methods in the Interface, and not the Actual class, can you Understand as to what has to be done now.
You can understand the module, by calling the methods present in the Candle File, which is an Interface to the TiingoCandle.
You can also go through the below FAQ’s to understand as to what has to be done.

Sorry but you didn’t perceive my problem correctly. I understand everything you just gave links to. I don’t understand what is the purpose of getStockQuotes because it isn’t clearly mentioned in TODOs.

You can get an Idea from the return type of the function :slight_smile:
The functions here are separated for your convenience.
Look at the structure of the function and their respective return types, you will have an idea what has to be done.

I have got a little one. Will get back to you if I get it right. Thanxx

I am closing this ticket for now, you can reopen a new ticket, corresponding to any further issues you have :slight_smile: