Time taken to transfer file

Isn’t the time taken to transfer file depend on the Internet speed?
If I transfer a file with low-speed Internet connectivity It takes less time as compared to a fast speed Internet connection. How to make sure that the delay in the transfer is not because of Internet speed.
If I am wrong, please correct me

Your’e supposed to transfer files from local client/terminal. Dont use any external client to record the time usage.

Can you please elaborate? I can’t understand what did you just say

Use the ftp command from workspace terminal and transfer the file.

Yeah.I am doing the same.But the time taken to transfer file keep fluctuate if I try again and again.

if you want to exclude internet transfer delay than do it locally

Step 1 : Start the vsftpd server
Step 2 : Goto console and navigate to ~/workspace/ftp_client
Step 3 : Start a ftp connection using ip and port 8081
Step 4 : In ftp terminal navigate to ~/workspace/ftp_server
Step 5 : Do all the upload/download. Check timings
Step 6 : [Only for small file transfer] Goto vsftpd.log and see connection speed and file size. Calculate time accordingly

it would be fluctate a bit bcz you are using shared vms and does depend upon the load on that instance on the server so just consider a avg value

Bruh,For smaller files like of 10mb its just taking few milli seconds ,how can you distinguish the difference

Dont worry about small fluctuations. Defective version will take soooooooooo long that you will understand it has error.

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