Time taken in module 5 milestone 3

I have sorted out all the things except the time taken. It is supposed to be an integer.
My hypothesis is that to calculate the TT, we will subtract the time stamp of SYN(client to server) and ACK(client to server , 3rd step). By doing so, I’m getting 5.125 as the number. I have tried putting 5(b/c we need to take integer).
It’s not working.
What else should I try?

remember one thing. The timestamp shown in wireshark are in seconds.
And fot the purpose of milestone, you have to provide in milliseconds.

Check out 2nd column in wireshark!!!

Hint : Now, Time shown by wireshark is in seconds according to requirement you need to convert it!

It turns out that everything was right, the silly mistake was that “client_connection_file_transfer.pcap” this file was not in the right place. lol.

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