Ticker AAA not found

The ticker symbol AAA is not found when using Tiigno API, although AAA exists for the AlphaVantage API, so I guess the spring boot application uses tiingo service to call for the stock quotes details for AAA, which inturn is causing

HttpClientErrorException$NotFound: 404 Not Found

Is this normal? (coz I can’t do anything here :frowning_face:)

Are you referring to aapl ?
It exists on both the API’s , can you try again?

No not aapl, Im talking about AAA which is existing only on alphavantage, I got the idea of AAA from the user named Suresh

The last stock in Suresh’s portfolio

This exception is expected as there is no stock named AAA
You dont have to worry aboutbit

Yes, I assumed so :slight_smile: Thanks

But sir @Rahul-Crio.do This bug is interferring with the module 7
Firstly I’m getting no error in the UI upon inspection, i mean no 503 error (as shown in the reference images) for the user Faster Fene.
Also, when I’m running the python3 code

python3 dashboard.py --json ~/workspace/annual-return-app/module7-error.json

I’m getting the same HttpClientErrorException$NotFound: 404 Not Found because of the AAA ticker symbol

I don’t think this module wants me to fix this bug, so please confirm me, what am I supposed to do? Is this normal workflow, or a bug introduced?

This is intentional from their side
You dont have to worry

Module 7 is all about exception handling, so the files intentionally have bugs. You don’t need to worry about it, as long as you do the TODOs correctly.

Ya, I understand but I wanted to confirm from @Rahul-Crio.do sir.

Because you see even before you you reach module 7, in the earlier modules if you open the app and try to get Quotes for the user named Suresh, it will throw the exception. So I needed to know, is this behaviour expected?