This is really annoying

If my online IDE is idle for about 5-10 minutes. It stops saving the changes. This is really annoying and painful, as I am on module 3, I have to restart my IDE, create all file and folders again, setup all 3-4 terminals again and many other things. I am wasting half of my time on this and I absolutely hate it. Please fix it. Or if it is happening from my side, please tell me how to fix this.Screenshot_163

Hey I think you are editing the file manually on the text Editor.
You can access the config File using sudo nano vsftpd.conf and then make the changes in the config file.
Then press CTRL+S to save the new changes.
and CTRL+Z to close the config file.
You don’t have to refresh the page to restart the IDE :slight_smile: I don’t know, sometimes directly editing works and sometimes it don’t.

Okay I think you particular config file doesn’t have write permissions.
(P.S Did the above method work ?)
Can you check the below link, for adding write permissions to your file.

learn about ownership and file permission
sometimes the file will have root as ownership so u can’t edit that in text editor
so change the ownership(to crio-user) and then boom you will edit the file in editor