There is no beaker button in left side of my vscode

i was trying to do setup-2 in module 1 and see no any beaker shape button in my vscode
check the screen shot

mabe let the application wait a little to load first

thanks…it worked after 2 hours…

I’ve been stuck on the same issue, yesterday it loaded once, have checked twice since then, the workspace is not loading completely, please help. Also the building workspace indicator doesn’t appear

it will appear after sometime…worked for me…if not then ask in qmoney system issues
in slack

I tried whatever is there on the forum but to no avail, my workspace is not loading completely. @sridherj-criodo pls help.

hi @Animesh, let the application load until 100%, before that the beaker button will not show. If you’re opening module 1 workspace to work for 1st time, it takes 5-10 minutes i think

It started working, its working perfectly now, thanks for all the help.