The system freezes after tranferring the 1 GB file more than 2-3 times

How do I resolve this?

Just check the size of the file after multiple transfer. You will se a difference

Thanks for replying but that was not my question

First you download the file and then upload the file and do the same process multiple times in the same ftp session right?

Yes, after 2-3 times the terminal gets stuck and none of the commands work

Yeah, so thats what i am telling you. When you upload and download for the first time it works fine but when you do it second time the 1 gb is copied again so the file size becomes 2 gb. Then in the next iteration it becomes 3 gb and so on. Due to this it gets stuck after sometime because size gets bigger

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Just try to transfer for 2 time(both upload and download) and then notice the file size

When you try to transfer for the 3rd time it tries to transfer 3gb file

Alright, so how do I transfer multiple times without the file size increasing? will deleting the file work?

Thats what i have done. I deleted file after transfer and then did the process again . There might be some other ways but i am not aware about any of them.

it is taking much time for transferring for the first time only.

Please remember that some files are faulty. If there is no error, the transfer should take the same time as the benchmark.
You have to find out why the freeze, that is what you are learning in this module. Is it too much CPU or memory or is the transfer itself slow or has the process been killed etc.

I don’t agree with this. Please check your facts again. When you transfer a file multiple times it just overwrites the same file with new data.

Make sure you are transferring the files over same host i.e., and outside of your workspace directory as it can slow down the system as mentioned in milestone notes.

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Thanks, I’d created the server and client directories inside the workspace by mistake!

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