Testcases failing

two testcases are failing.I dont know what to do.

For the two test cases, I think the below FAQ link should be able to give you some insight on how to solve it.

Extrapolated Annualized Return test case fails

Error: Com.Fasterxml.Jackson.Databind.Exc.MismatchedInputException

Please let me know if those FAQ’s were helpful in solving your issue or not.

Hi @Muskan_Bansal,

It seems like both of your failing tests might be due to the fact the AlphaVantage hasn’t been implemented properly. The MismatchedInputException means you have issues mapping the returned object to your POJO. Try checking your code and using the right Json annotations to map the values returned, since the de-serialisation of AlphaVantage API is different from how it was done with Tiingo.

Hope this helps you!

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