Test Case Failing

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I am working on the Hybrid Data Structure. Yet Im getting an error here

Can you refer to this FAQ

is it same to assume that my Hybrid class is correct.

Hey this is a linkedList implementation testcase, why do you think it is related to hybrid impl ?
Your hybrid impl have separate cases

It was not so in the previous modules where I actually implemented LinkedList Class
I did not change LinkedList class in this module…I only modified Hybrid class…
So im askin this

Your test case could be on the border line of passing , also we have deployed a recent change for that case
IS that the only case you are failing, if that’s so, refer to the thread attached in the FAQ and check what time are you getting.
If not, debug on your own, local testcases for hybrid impl are same.
Also have you even gone through the definition of the randomJump Case,
which function is it calling in the definition ?

there are 2 functions that are being called

Yes exactly, now you can refer to the content in the FAQ and solve this accordingly right ?
you know which functions are called, and what is the optimization that can be done.

I have used sublists and deepcloning

getting an error while trying to run the suggested faq
Test Case Failing

Look at the double quotes, they are not copied properly, can you debug on your own for sometime ?

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