Test case failed on confirm client server communication (2nd Case)

Facing same issue. My log file logged properly, but 2nd test case is still failing. I have copied the log file in the right directory as well. Please help @ajay-crio @Swapnil.Crio.Lead.TA @Saurabh_Crio_TA

thank you so much for your time.

here is ss of my log file
you can see on
line 2829: connection established successfully
2847: put upload.txt
2849:it is getting saved in home/crio-user
2860: connect again from ftp_server
2875: it is showing fail because i was using get download.txt but it isn’t on QBOx server yet
2878: get upload.txt
2884: put download.txt
2886: sent successfully
2890: again ftp connection from ftp_client
2903: get download.txt
2906: transfer complete
I think everything is going good. Why it is showing “Failure: Local Client hasn’t successfully connected to Server”

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From what location you are running ftp ?
Where is your uploaded content going ?
From where are you downloading the downlaod.txt ?

Ask this question to your self, play with the directory related commands in ftp like pwd, !pwd
and read the task carefully.

I am running ftp from ftp_client and ftp_Server uploading it to QBox server and downloading from Qbox server, i am doing ls

ftp ls
it is showing the uploaded content.

This test case passed when I connected to And that makes sense completely about what is local client

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how did you solve it??

hello bro, when i am uploading the upload.txt file from ftp_client directory then it is not getting uploaded to ftp_server but it is uploading to home/crio-user location

HINT! -Try using absolute path for uploading!

in ftp_client directory i am using the ftp command :- put upload.txt ~/workspace/ftp_server
but it is also not working, it is giving error
local: upload.txt remote: ~/workspace/ftp_server
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,16,159,31,146).
553 Could not create file.

please suggest something

Please provide complete path to both the local and remote clients.

provide full path always ~/workspace bla bla

Not solved :frowning: