Test case calculateAnnualizedReturn No Data On EndDate is failing

Continuing the discussion from Build Fail on NoData On Enddate while submission:

Using 0th index for opening price and (n-1)th index for a selling price

Also using buildUrl() to return the api and getStockQuote() to return List

Please refer to the following FAQ

As I have mentioned in question body i use (n-1) to find the data on end Date.
For example if start date is 2019-01-01 and endDate is 2020-01-01 it will take the last element from the json data

are you sorting the list returned from tiingo api ?

Yes in descending order using Collections.sort

From your logic, it is showing that you are taking the wrong date i.e when endDate is null , you are taking the purchase date.

I removed it still the same test case is failing

1/22 test cases failed

Bro are you sorting the list returned from getstockQuote() function

I’m first calculating totalReturn,annualizedReturns storing these in ArrayList AnnualizedReturn
and then sorting this list

I am not talking about annualreturn ,
i am talking about tiingocandle objects list returned from getstockquote()
it is necessary to sort this list in ASC order .
then choose 0 and n-1 as index.

2 test cases fail after sorting the tingocandle objects list returned from getstockquote()

I’m implementing same logic as of module 3 there all test cases had passed

@shivambhanushali, the list returned from Tiingo is already sorted in
ascending order of date. You don’t have to sort it by descending order. Taking 0th and (n-1) th index, as you already told, will work without sorting the list from Tiingo. That’s why sorting in descending order and taking (n-1)th index is giving you the purchase date.

startdate must be date of index 0
endDate must be date of index n-1

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