Test case are not passing

file successfully transfer using filezilla and also using AndFTP but test case still not passing. Stuck in this from 1 day.

@ajay-crio @chandra-kiran_crio @Saurabh_Crio_TA @Sakshat-Crio.Do

I’m having the same issue, unable to understand the meaning of the failure message.

you need to copy the updated log file into the client_server folder do that it’s uploaded when you commit.

@gabru probably the same for you too.

Is this issue resolved or not?

I have a similar issue. It shows

Assessing confirm_client_server_communication.py
Failure: Local Client hasn't successfully connected to Server

But I have successfully connected from local terminal and also transferred files, then copied the log file.

AbhishekChd, you can create a new ticket if the solution provided in this discussion was not satisfactory.

issue solved by writing log_ftp_protocol=YES in config file.

hey this is my log file.
But still the test case is not passing

@Saurav_Crio.Do please help

have you copy this file into your_ME_QBOX/client_server folder ?

Hey, visargdesai can you create a new topic. It will be helpful for everyone to solve your query.

The error was solved

Hey how did you resolve this error

I wasn’t uploading upload.txt to the correct directory. As soon as I figured that out my assessments passed.

how do you know if you’ve uploaded it to the correct directory or not?

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How do did this?

how do you know if you’ve uploaded it to the correct directory or not?

Go the vsftpd.conf file change ownership if it is under root, and then just type the parameter and you will finish it :smiley:

and about finding out if you’ve uploaded it to the correct directory, just go to the home directory and list all the files under it. you will see the uploaded file because we have set the directory location to be usr/share/empty