Tcpdump command is collecting many packets

without even ping the command is collecting huge packets …

Use multiple not ports to resolve this issue. There might be some ports which are accepting too many packets.

Filter packets based on required port instead of not ports

There’s a topic regarding this, pls follow here:

Best way is to transfer the file to your laptop, just retain the packets you need into a separate pcap file and re transfer it to your system. This is a sure and also an easy way to ensure the size of your pcap file remains small even if your tcpdump is collecting a lot of packets.

Some links which helped me a lot.

This is helpful in next milestones as well

You can filter based on port or based on source IP. These will reduce the number of packets collected.

This is a time consuming process tbh. With proper filters applied to the tcpdump command. it is possible to restrict the packet count to only 50 as well.

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