Task 'verifyMavenJarsCreated' not found in root project 'annual-return-app'

I have done everything according to the milestone task 1 instructions. But when I am running ./gradlew verifyMavenJarsCreated command then I am getting the below error.

Task ‘verifyMavenJarsCreated’ not found in root project ‘annual-return-app’

What should I do? Please help.

@Rahul-Crio.do @ajay-crio

you have to run that command from qmoney root

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I am running by using sudo as it is showing permission denied.

this is what I am doing

go to : /<your-name>-qmoney
run : ./gradlew…(without sudo)

ok I am doing it. Wait

I am getting Maven repository not created exception

I have created the jar file at the root i.e. at /home/.m2 …
Is it the place where we have to create the jar file. Or we have to create it inside qmoney

wait a min, ill check

did you add a publishing block in your gradle file in qmoney folder with details like groupid, artifactid, etc

Yes I did it. I have added both a publishing block and also repository block. But I have given the url of root ie /home/.m2… like this.
So is it where we have to create jar or we have to create it inside qmoney?

you added the publishing block inisde the /<your-name>-qmoney/qmoney/build.gradle file right

Yes thats what I did.
Just tell me the url is right or not - /home/crio-user/.m2/repository …

what url ? you just add a publishing publication bloack with groupid, artifactid, and version. And make sure its in the build.gradle file inside the qmoney folder not the root folder

refer to example 2 of this page

we don’t have to add url inside repository block?
Do we have to add only the publication block thats it

i didnt add any and it worked for me, probably because were publishing it to local.

once again to be sure youre added the publication block in the build file inside qmoney folder and not the one in the /<name>-qmoney folder

I added the publication block inside the /<>-qmoney/qmoney folder

yes thats right now check if its similar to example 2 of this link: https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/publishing_maven.html

Sir now I am getting java.lang.Exception: maven repository directory not created.
I have done the same as specified in example 2