Task `qmoney:compileTestJava` failed! while all the test cases work perfectly

This happened to me in the previous module as well. In this module I had to change PortfolioManagerApplicationTest.java because of build failures.

I think so because of this change, or the changes I did in the AnnualizedReturn.java or maybe some other changes I did to the test files which I maybe do not remember.

May i know why you changed the Test file, when the FAQ specifically asks you not to tamper with it?

Please do not change the test files. They are all accurate and need no changes.

Yes I understand that…but when I first committed it, the build failed because there was an error in the PortfolioManagerApplicationTest.java file. So then I corrected the error hence the assessment failed.

Now Is there any solution to that?

Hey, don’t worry , just refer to the test file that is given in your respective gitlab repository

@Rahul-Crio.do I copy pasted the code in the test file but again getting the same error. Please can you see to it.

Okay so why have you added a list of exceptions in calculate annualized return function in the portfolio managerApplication file?

The functions in your testfile are a basic mock of functions in your application file. why do you want to change them?

I was starving for that green Assessment passed. Thank you and I did not know that it would indirectly or directly affect the test code.