Task Board is not loading or loading incorrectly


Platform Error.
Same as Module Unlocked, but showing details of previous module. However, no answer received there.

On loading the 7 th Module, the taskboard either indefinitely loads or the content from previous module’s taskboard gets loaded, depending on whether or not I cleared my browser cache / cookies.

The workspace as well as Onboarding are opening normallly. However since the ‘Mark as complete’ is neccessary for proceeding through the Module. Further nore even Setup is not being possible since the Module Name is unknown.

further info:
Module has loaded since it is no longer greyed out.
Internet Speed at time of reporting was 14 Mbps as per fast.com
A glitch was observed similarly while going through the last module’s debrief however it was momentary.

Steps taken:
Spent about half an hour in changing browser cache/cookie options, trying other browsers, reloading and hard-refreshing the webpage, changing network connected to.

Hey @Swapnil_Ghosh we are looking into this

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Hey, was you issue resolved or it still persists?

Also, can you please logout and login the changes should have been reflected by now :slight_smile:

@Sakshat-Crio.Do Unfortunately, the issue still persists.

Okay, please be patient for some time while i forward you issue to the concerned person.

Hey, is your issue resolved? if yes them please mark a solution so that we can close it from our side. If not do let me know :slight_smile:

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Closing this topic as your issue is resolved by the mentor. If it is still not resolved, please feel free to create a new topic and post this question as a reference link in the description of the new topic.