Stuck in setup 2

I am completely frustrated with this pls help me out why i am getting this error i have populated all the variables still build failure why?

Hey, check your directories are you able to locate dto folder there?

Hey, can you perform ./gradlew clean an then re-try. If this doesn’t work, refresh the workspace and wait for build flies to load.

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Please check the directories that are mentioned in the errors. If the files aren’t present, revert back to the last commit and start again.

Hey, can you please confirm. Is your issue resolved?

It’s been more than 12 hours hours now and there is no response from your side. I am closing this ticket, if you face any issue please feel free to raise a new query.

thankyou sir finally problem resolved after performing the above mentioned command.

Cool. Good Luck for future modules :slight_smile:

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