Stuck in module 3 for past 2 days. Please help

I am stuck in module 3 for the past 2 days. I did everything I could and now I am about to give up. I checked the unit testing log files and it is showing an error of the following kind:-
for one_pin in user_pins[‘data’]:
TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable
Please help me. I am stuck for the past 2 days.

Please check my reply on the topic that you created earlier. Let me know if it was helpful or not.

And we will start the discussion on this new topic not the earlier one.

No, using board id also did not help. The status is still returning failure and the image is not getting posted on the board

Did you corrected the second part which i told you?

i could not find any mistake while passing the parameters. i mean i am passing the url and the data object.