Static Code Quality : Assessment failing

I am getting the correct output on my local workspace but assessment is failing in static code quality. How to resolve this issue ?

Hey, did you run ./gradlew build before pushing the code.

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I did, and I’m still failing the assessment

make sure your gradle build is successful, there are no errors reported by spotBugs or checkstyle then your static code quality will hopefully pass

Was the build successful? With no SpotBugs or checksytle errors?

Is your Build Successful? If the build is failed then try to solve this issue by fixing spotBugs or checkstyle error which was reported during the build.
check these links

yes few tests were failing, fixed it !

Task :qmoney:compileJava FAILED
/home/crio-user/workspace/yashkedia011-ME_QMONEY/qmoney/src/main/java/com/crio/warmup/stock/ error: method getResource in class ClassLoader cannot be applied to given types;
required: String
found: no arguments
reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length
1 error

i am getting this error in milestone 1 i think i misplaced a bracket but i am not able to rectify it can anyone help

You need to pass String in the method - resolveFileFromResources, which you are not.
That’s why the error says:

required: String
found: no arguments

error: cannot fi
nd symbol
symbol: method toFile()
location: class URI
2 errors