Starting ftp session

How do i start ftp session in a new terminal in a bash script?

You will have to write all the command which you will have to run in a bash file and try to execute the .sh

I did that, but we need two separate terminals for executing the vsftpd and the ftp command, now how do i open the second terminal for the ftp command within the bash script?

You can write gnome-terminal for opening a new terminal. You can also try this in local :slight_smile:
But it works in local only. You can try your script in local

should the script start the vsftpd version as well or is it responsible just for verification check?

You can combine two or more command as well in the bash. Search on google. Figure it out :slight_smile:

@utkarsh maybe you don’t have to open another terminal. Try finding out about background jobs in linux. :slight_smile:

Yeah I got it, thanks for the help.
I am unable to add port to the ftp command, I get this when i try to do it “ftp:[8081]: Name or service not known”.

The command format is wrong. The normal usage would do.

  • And some other thoughts on a possible way to automate the FTP file transfer -
  • For the server, you could write a different script to make it easier

It worked, Thanks for the help :slight_smile: