Spotbug rule violation?

I am encountering these errors .How to solve these?

If you observe the report properly, line 3,4 clearly states what needs to be done and for remaining anomalies you need to GOOGLE it.
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Sir , I am not able to solve these problems till now .Can you review my code and tell me where I am going wrong.

The line numbers are specified in spotbug main.html , you just have to go to the respective line and fix each issue. The fix for the issue is also provided in main.html.

Do I have to change only the annualizedReturn parameter to a new field name in the class?

Just follow the instructions give by the html file. They are quite useful to be followed or else you can google the issue

It seems that you are facing some Spotbug rule violations. Please try to debug your code and understand the issue.
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I referred spotbug html file and it gives code NP_NULL_ON_SOME_PATH_FROM_RETURN_VALUE
.I make the required changes at the lines which may return null value .But still same error is shown

Please read this

NP: Possible null pointer dereference due to return value of called method (NP_NULL_ON_SOME_PATH_FROM_RETURN_VALUE)

The return value from a method is dereferenced without a null check, and the return value of that method is one that should generally be checked for null. This may lead to a NullPointerException when the code is executed.

I have performed the follwing task:
TiingoCandle[ ] arr;
}catch(NullPointerException e){
return null;

Other part of code

Am I going wrong?

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