Spotbug : DLS: Dead store to a local variable (DLS_DEAD_LOCAL_STORE)

I have been getting a DLS spotbug for the last 2 days on my build attempts,
It is saying that one of my declared ArrayLists is not being used anywhere, while I am using the said list in the same function to populate some values returned from another function call.

I did some debugging and I can see that not only is my list in use but it is also populating correctly, Please advise on how to get over this issue. Mentors, please look into my code as I don’t think this should really be an error over here

I checked online and a lot of the folks say that that specific bug is already deprecated in spotbugs

All help is appreciated

Hey, wherever you’re getting DLS, refactor and extract it to a method.
it should look like:

arraylist obj = extracted(parameter, parameter);

You can see the extracted method in your class somewhere.

i’m doing it something like this:

List< type > obj = new Arraylist< type >();

and then,

obj = function (); // this function returns a list of that object type

now, do i need to change the declaration or the funtion call?

***Never mind, got it

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