Some version show 421 service unavailable and also do we need to then count anything about it or add it in any file

When changing to server vsftpd_v2 and vsftpd_v3 the server shows error 421 which i got from reading on forum that they might be faulty servers but I want to know that do I have to add the details i.e in cpu_consumption file and etc do we have to mention these servers?

The CPU consumption milestone is for faulty versions that consume abruptly higher CPU resource WHILE TRANSFERRING files. So, if you can see a high CPU usage(top) as well as file is transferred, you will be safe to consider that as a candidate for a faulty version for high_cpu_consumption

ok and also it will be similar for other files na i.e if file is not transferring then do not add that version na

  • The module is like a MATCH THE FOLLOWING question asked in exams.

  • Every faulty version will be matched in one milestone or another.

  • So, peek through all the milestones to get an idea of all the bad boys(or girls) involved. And, when you come across a faulty version place it in an appropriate milestone.

  • Also, try out upload and download for each version, they may behave differently.

can u pls solve my doubt about ftp

we start server then run ftp

we run ftp from ftp_client folder

and we were given that we have to make ftp_client and ftp_server

anf ftp_server would contain 1 GB and small files and I have doubt that as when ftp is setup we do cd ftp_server(as file in ftp_server)

and then get and put command

that’s right na

and also I have doubt where to check file permissionm


  • After you upload a file, check the uploaded files permission and match it to that of a file uploaded by the baseline version(v1)

  • Ensure you are not overwriting files while uploading(that is uploading a file with same name as an already exisiting file in the server directory). This is because overwriting files won’t change the file permission. So, either name each upload file differently or delete after each upload.

where to check permission in ftp teminal only or where the file goes after put and get

You can do that either within the ftp terminal itself or use a different terminal to find the file and its permission in the directory you uploaded it to.

ok thankyou so much bro for help

Sure. Please close the thread if that’s all regarding the thread’s topic. Happy learning!