Some UI and UX Suggestions

I am just Collecting UI/UX bugs so these are not questions that need to answered
1.[ Fresh ] Debrief Questions are locked as soon as a user submits them and tells numbers of fails and successes. How will the user know which one of his answers was correct or not?
2. [ Fresh ] The functionality of the hidden test case can be mapped with the test case name in the assessment report section for better understanding.
3. The Scroll bar is very thin which is very hard to pick and scroll and there is space available to make it big. [ Changes Seen but Lost again ]
4. [ Fixed ] While accessing debrief, inputs of checkbox or radio buttons are lost when switching horizontal to vertical layout.
5. If two options are correct and I marked only one correct then the user is not wrong but 50% correct.
6. Questions that have radio buttons have only one right answer and questions that have checkboxes have more than one correct answer but there is no instruction on the panel anywhere regarding this. I think it should be.
7. The Red Star is applied on all questions what does this mean I think questions only with multiple correct answers should have them.
8. Test Case should show Input and output after a user passes all test cases.[Fresh 15 March]
9. Assessment report showing abnormal behavior as some test cases are failing in new submission that has passed before and vice-versa without even a bit change in code with abnormally taking more report generation time.[ Fresh15 March ]
10. If somehow I am able to make skip all test cases report generation says success and unlocks debrief but next module does not unlock though [ Fresh 15 March ]

  1. Why Report an issue form can be filled only one time by one user?
  2. [Fixed] Why is not a copy button available on top of the workspace for IP, username, and password. Every time I double click on the password either whole 3 things are selected or half part of the password is selected?
  3. The focus of the cursor of workspace moves away every time I switch from me to the workspace. [Added Split screen ]
  4. The bottom scroll bar can be dragged to the point when it will be hidden in the bottom of the screen. and then It is difficult to drag it up again.