Size of analysing_protocol dir is increasing automatically

Size of analysing_protocol dir is increasing automatically.
500MB --> 700MB -->1GB -->2GB–>3.2GB somebody stop that. It is gonna explode.
Maybe tcpdump process is gone in the background but I wanted to kill this process but they were a lot. How can I kill them if they are so much?


Try this ps -ef | grep tcpdump | awk '{ print $n }' | xargs kill -9 . Substitute $n with the column number in which ps -ef shows process id eg: if in 2nd col, use $2


Looks good! It should work.

Please understand the commands. I don’t usually share code, but this seemed like an emergency.

Yeah I understood it. If you think that can cause trouble You can take it down.

I don’t think that would be the right way to do it as it would be sort of making it like I didn’t do it in first place. It would be alright.

Is this like memory leak? :roll_eyes:

Not a memory leak. He left the tcdump process running in background which kept writing the file with all the packets being captured on the machine.