Should I create a list of things that I am learning in this Program?

If I will be in need to revisit the modules or topics that I learned after the program, Will I be able to revisit them
Should I make a list of topics that I learned throughout the program and I will not be having any access to any modules after the program finishes?

The purpose of the forum is to build a community like stack overflow. The vision is that people like you who have learned a lot through these Micro Experiences will help new users to go through these Micro Experiences whenever they are stuck. But we don’t share any code snippets or any direct answers on this forum. The moto ‘learnbydoing’ is something that we have to instill in this community.
You can visit the modules of the ME’s but you would not be able to use workspace as it will be deleted after the crio launch. But your code will be saved and you can revisit it in the future.