Service not available

OOPS : 421 Service not available .
Some of the vsftpd versions are showing the above error while downloading the file.
Do I include these in the high_cpu consumption or not ?
Or is it a fault at my end and I need to debug it ?

Check out the file size/permissions in your directory. I think you will understand the issue. Sometimes, while editing a file, its size becomes zero, That is why you were not able to transfer that file.
No worries you can create a new file and work on the downloading part.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am still not able to upload the new file. As I type the GET command it first enters PASSIVE mode then opens the file in binary mode and after that shows 500 OOPS : 421 Service not available error.
Please help

did you check the size/file permissions ?

Yes I made the permission rwx for all users then also not working .