Server not running on 8081 port even after making changes in .conf file

Module 3 Milestone 1

Hey, I have granted execute permission to vsftpd_v1. Then, i tried running it using sudo ./vsftpd_v1. I have not done anything else.
But i didn’t get any response. Please check screenshot.


Then i checked all the running process using ps -ef. After that i checked for process running at port 21. I found one process.
But after changing listen_port=8081 in .conf file, there is no entry for port 8081. It’s still the port 21.


According to me.

  1. The server is running correctly.
  2. It’s not running on port 8081 even after making the changes in .conf file.

Please tell me if i am correct or not and how to correct this problem ?

Hey @mukulvashishtha make sure you are reading instructions carefully because you are not running right command to run QBox server and before again starting the QBox server make sure you have kill previous process of vsftpd_v1 and read instructions carefully, use references which are provided into every milestone and also use google if you are stuck at any error or task because Learning is Doing :smiley:

Happy Coding