Same tags displayed

  1. What happens is that the output tags are the same for all images on the app

  2. I have tried the following things
    I created a separate python file where I checked the functionality of the implemented Clarifai functions, but it works perfectly fine there.

the primary issue arises when it’s called from view by the server

I saw another discussion in the forum that suggests manually setting the URL, but that does not make sense as isn’t the user providing the image

also, My code passed the unit test cases

  1. What is your hypothesis?
    the best guess would be is that uploads the same image

The thing about the clarifai API is even if you didn’t send any food image, it will still suggest tags to it. Normally if you see an image not contain a food item should not get any tags related to food. But if try that it still sends tags like tasty, delicious, etc. So the tags that we get is not in our hand.
Let me know if the reply was helpful or not.

Yes, but then when I take a pic of ice cream and test the same tag suggestion functions using that through a separate python script, it shows the right suggestions
,But when the same functions are called on that ice cream image through the app. Some [‘rice’…] tags are suggested. Which are suggested for every image you upload on the app
Also, when other crio users posted their results in showcase all of them have that [‘rice’…] tags even when they posted completely different images.

That is why I think image_uploader must be uploading the same image repeatedly ( of biryani) irrespective of the users input.

If you require I can send some screenshots to show my observations.

Thanks for your reply.

I think your hypothesis maybe right.

Do you think it is possible to fix it without much knowledge of how image is sent from the app to the server.( I guess it is something like an API call)
I will try and look into it tommorow.

Thanks for clearing the doubt

@ashwath98 As your query is resolved, I’m closing this topic. Thank you for being patient for to receive a reply from me. :slight_smile: