Running the server in milestone 7

If we have to run the server in milestone 7 by creating the script, then anything else that comes after the starting of server code will not run because the control of execution will stop at that line. So it is impossible to do later tasks such as transferring file and analysing the process. How am I supposed to do that??

You can create parallel scripts which will do individual tasks. One to startup ftp server, one to simulate client and another to do the measurement.
If you do it like this, submit clear instructions in a file on how you need to run these.

But that concept of parallel script will fail in assessment because that expects only one file that does all the task!!

Ideally, you write one script which will create threads to achieve each of these tasks.
You can write 3 scripts to start with and make sure it works, then create the threaded model.

One more thing. Do we have to print success or failure on the basis of single criteria or all the five criteria? For instance, if cpu usage is much more than the baseline version but other things are comparable to baseline, then what we need to print: success or failure??