Review is shown in slack after posting but both test assessment failed

i have pushed review from android app and it shows status 200 in terminal and its also appeared in slack and i have pushed it to gihub but my both test assessments are failing. I think my git push is not triggering it last triggered at 2 am.

Make sure you aren’t hard-coding anything.
Also the parameters that you are passing should be in correct format.
Make sure your URL is correct.

for git i am just copying and pasting in terminal still the assessment is not triggering.
about hard code i messed up in merge conflicts and rolled back to last commit and then resolve the merge conflicts i don’t know if that’s creating a problem.

Your URL isn’t correct.
For some hint check the #announcement channel on slack.

then at least the no of git commits should change but its is only showing my first commit in this module assessment

Can you please explain what you are saying. I couldn’t get it.

never mind my meta data was changed in _CRIO_ folder that’s what why assessment is not triggering. I have corrected it and now it’s working. Thanks

what should be the correct metadata?
I am facing same issue.

Check in the gitlab what was the meta data when u pulled the remote git repository.