RestaurantControllerDebugModuleHiddenTest2 failing

Not sure whether to call this hidden test 1 or 2, but I am failing the one in the screenshot below.
Screenshot from 2020-07-30 21-00-52
The unitTesting.log is showing RuntimeException for this test.

    java.lang.RuntimeException at

The app seems to be working fine without crashing. I am not sure what could be causing RuntimeException.
@Anmol-Crio_TA @Nabhan-CrioTA

hello @bshuklatz
You’ve done the correct thing. We just need to put the implementation in the right place now. The repo layer should only be dealing with fetching the required data from the DB and nothing else ideally. Request/Response processing/validating is the duty of the controller layer. Though it’s debatable, as in this could fall in the service layer due to being a business logic, we’re doing this workaround due to a glitch in our QEats app as a temporary update until the app team release a new version after resolving the app issue of not able to deal with the weird character.

In short, try to see what the assessments are saying once you do the same filtering in the controller layer.

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