Restart server error. please help me!

why i get this error when i restart QBox server !!!err3

Hi @jaydippansuriya, the vsftpd service has not been set up in this workspace. So the commands like service vsftpd will not work. Also, you don’t need the service command to restart the QBox server. You start the vsftpd server by using the provided binary which starts a process. To restart the server you need to kill the process (has several ways of doing this) and then start the server by using the same binary.

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whay you mean by binary ??

In Module 3 task board Setup #2, you execute these commands in your terminal…

# Extract the QBox server files
cd ~/workspace/QBox
tar -xzvf vsftpd_v1.tar.gz

Did you explore what these commands do? what are the files you get after extraction?

Hey @jaydippansuriya if you are done with the steps which @dotslash21 suggested in his comment then execute command as clearly mentioned in the instructions you don’t have to use other commands just follow the instructions you will get results

okay! I Get your point

Yes i explore this commands !