resolveFileFromResources(), couldn't figure out

you mean i dont have to use the function to resolve the variable resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0 ? just copy paste?

u just have to use function to get the path and set to resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0

so should i use resolveFileFromResources() function to get the value for resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0?

yup read the to do…

If i should then can you please tell me what part im missing, because in that way it throws exception

u just have to run it at right place

ohk, i will try it again…

does that worked for u?

No, can you clarify me one thing, please tell me which one of these is correct way of implementing:
resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0 = home/restOfThePath;
resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0 = resolveFileFromResources()

just look at the setup 2 point 4…thats what u have to do evalute expression

i have completed the evaluation of expression, i also got the build pass.
but when i push my code i got error on
mainReadFile() and

store the result of this method in a variable type of File. And try again . And pass agrument as args[0].

what is the value of functionNameFromTestFileInStackTrace =

value is mainReadFile

ohk, im trying with this …

i got the path from debug, and i assigned that path to resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0.
is this correct?
if yes, but still im getting error on unit testing but my build was successful.

I have just one thing for you. Try to debug the test cases separately.

ohk, i will try that out too…

thanks everyone for helping, though at first i didn’t get the problem, but now it’s been resolve, thanks to @anand-crio sir. My problem was like i got all the test cases successful but upon pushing the code it failed on unit testing on mainReadFile() and
mainReadFileEdgecase(). My mistake was in the logic of mainReadFile method. To others who are still stuck at the same issue, don’t hard code the path to get the json file, instead use the resolveFileFromResources method to resolve the path in mainReadFile method.