resolveFileFromResources(), couldn't figure out

I know that i have to get the path from resolveFileFromResources() function and save it in the resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0 variable, but when i try to do that by using toString() i got errror as URISyntaxException exception. Couldn’t figure which part i’m missing. I mean i tried that resolveFileFromResources() in my local own environment and in their it was perfectly giving me the path, but in the workspace i couldn’t, it throw an exception error.

its an expression and u might know where to execute expression…just run it at the right place and it will return the answer u r looking for

when i execute the expression it gave me a path, but we shouldn’t use hard code, so i implemented the function, for variable resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0, but it gave me a exception error, i couldn’t figure that out

Idk if we should hard code or not ,but as i can see the to-dos they are just evalute and set value
(“evaluate the value of expression below and set it to resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0”)

you mean i dont have to use the function to resolve the variable resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0 ? just copy paste?

u just have to use function to get the path and set to resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0

so should i use resolveFileFromResources() function to get the value for resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0?

yup read the to do…

If i should then can you please tell me what part im missing, because in that way it throws exception

u just have to run it at right place

ohk, i will try it again…

does that worked for u?

No, can you clarify me one thing, please tell me which one of these is correct way of implementing:
resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0 = home/restOfThePath;
resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0 = resolveFileFromResources()

just look at the setup 2 point 4…thats what u have to do evalute expression

i have completed the evaluation of expression, i also got the build pass.
but when i push my code i got error on
mainReadFile() and

store the result of this method in a variable type of File. And try again . And pass agrument as args[0].

what is the value of functionNameFromTestFileInStackTrace =

value is mainReadFile

ohk, im trying with this …

i got the path from debug, and i assigned that path to resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0.
is this correct?
if yes, but still im getting error on unit testing but my build was successful.