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Well I tried to debug it . I found out after calling resttemplate it returns empty list . I don’t understand why it is returning empty list becuase I tried to do it separately for other testcases it is working fine

I am getting null response from resttemplate for this specific test case but for others testcase it is working … I verified it using curl command to check if url is bad but no it is working fine then why it is returning null response ?

Refer to this FAQ to understand why your test Case is failing.

Let me know If it helps

Ok I will try this maybe this is the problem

Now I have completed getstockquotes function as well still it is failing … Reason is RestTemplate is giving null response on that testcase while it should not give …
I have checked it for other it is working perfectly fine

So basically problem was I have not wriiten code in getstockquotes , thats’ why it was showing hardcoded values error then assertion failed error