Reason for the following errors?

My two test cases are getting failure.Please help .

You need to check your code. Please ensure you are not hardcoding any values and calling the right methods. These are internal test cases that can only pass with proper logic.

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I have check my mainReadFile() Function and I am not hardcoding any thing .

Can your program give output for a json file named abc.json?

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When I gave abc.json as argument .It still shows the same answer means same symbol.

hence proved that you are hardcoding. I hope you got the hint.


So,how to change it now .Can you gave me some hint?

Also this might be the reason for failure of edge case .Why the other test case is getting failed?

So take a look at all the functions in the program. There is no need to type anything manually. You just need to call those functions and get different values.

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Jsut follow the TODOs and use methods to get the file name, parse the data and return output. Don’t hardcode anything.

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