randomJumpResultsInBadPerformance() failing

I read several topics on forum and optimized to necessary changes. Its passing on build gradle but still fails on assessment.

My unit testing log is:

com.crio.qcharm.ds.SourceFileHandlerLinkedListImplTest > efficientSearchTest() FAILED
java.lang.AssertionError at SourceFileHandlerLinkedListImplTest.java:301

com.crio.qcharm.ds.SourceFileHandlerLinkedListImplTest > randomJumpResultsInBadPerformance() FAILED
java.lang.AssertionError at SourceFileHandlerLinkedListImplTest.java:363

com.crio.qcharm.ds.SourceFileHandlerLinkedListImplTest > editTotheTopOftheFileShouldBeefficientInLinkedList() FAILED
java.lang.AssertionError at SourceFileHandlerLinkedListImplTest.java:593

Please guide me through this.

We have updated some instructions for that test case
Have you referred to this FAQ

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Thanks. I made some changes in the code(related to deep copy) and it worked.

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