Query about the architecture and terminology

I have completed the module 2 and have just got onto the 3rd one. I can start it now but after having been through the previous two and after reading the instruction for the 3rd, I am quite confused about the following :

  1. Where is the QBox server being installed - at a central system or at every user’s system ?
  2. If it is being deployed to the host which i am assuming is user’s system then what is acting on cloud ?
  3. And should not be the user’s machine/host be just the client ? Why do we need to run the QBox server to run on host machine as specified in module 2 ?
  4. What do we mean by deploying the QBox to host/user’s machine ?

Hey, right now you are setting up the Qbox onto your workspace :slight_smile:
This particular Server is local to every User, When you configure and set the vsftpd.
You are deploying it in your workspace, and your local client(User’s personal machine) can access and send files over the FTP.
The workspace where you deploy the server, can be a client too, it is just the matter of setting the required ports.
Hope this solved your issue. :slight_smile:

Also, what is the role of two different directories : one which we are working in and the one wherein log files reside inside the QBox folder ?

Qbox directory is where your vsftpd files are located and the directory which you are working right now would be the one which would go for assessment :slight_smile:
I think I have solved your Queries now. :tickets: