qmoney:spotbugsMain` failed!

The build is succeeding when I run it in terminal but not in the assessment report


Go to qmoney->build->reports->spotbugs and open the html file to see what are the spotbugs are present

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Hey, we do have a potential FAQ for this -

Please go through the above post, it will definitely be helpful.

i can’t figure out the error

i’m still getting the error of static code quality in assessments

Did you address the SpotBugs issues as adviced in the previous replies?

i didn’t find any issues, i’m getting assessment failure. As advised, i checked the index.html in
/home/crio-user/workspace/ayushshawz-ME_QMONEY/qmoney/build/reports/tests/test/index.html and this is the output

if somebody can please tell me what is the desired output in all the stages of this module, cause i can’t seem to figure out where i went wrong, my gradle build shows success and also the index.html, i.e. test summary, shows the same, then why is the assessment failing?

Check the spotsbug report at /home/crio-user/workspace/ayushshawz-ME_QMONEY/qmoney/build/reports/spotbugs/index.html

i see nothing in the browser preview when i just copied the file path from your reply and when i searched in the directories, i couldn’t find any spotbugs directory



Did you check inside “classes” “under reports/tests/test” directory?


the output on running this html is this


check this post

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SpotBugs is a program which uses static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.

SpotBugs Gradle Plugin adds task dependency from check to these tasks, so you can simply run ./gradlew check to run SpotBugs.

my fault was that i didnt run the spotbugs gradle plugin :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: