[QMoney][Module 5][Milestone #2]: Changes made to the main/resources/trades.json file does not reflect on the UI

Hi there,

I tried changing values of the trades.json file available in qmoney/src/main/resources location but I do not see these changes in the QMoney UI.

I have tried re-building and re-publishing the jar to the local Maven repo but still nothing changes.

I want to understand how can I play with these values and which trades,json the python code is actually taking in as argument?

Warm Regards.

Hi @praveen.sunkara
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hello praveen,

have you tried using postman for updated values?
maybe the values aren’t changing(holiday or off day).if yes, are your results showing up on your CLI?
it is supposed to change if you change the trades.json values.
The python code is taking in argument exactly the file you mentioned.
if you still face the issue please let me know.

Hi Praveen,
As @Anmol-Crio_TA mentioned, our contract with the frontend team is to ship a backend that gives them power to fetch stock return values by inputting a json file.

Now, coming to your question, it’s great that you’re thinking about other things as well not asked to do in the milestones. That’s how we learn, right? By being curious! #learnbydoing

Let me give you some pointers

  1. So, are we (QMoney Team) or the frontend team dealing with the annual-return-app(UI)? If it’s the frontend team, where should we be digging in to play around with the UI, the QMoney backend or the annual-return-app folder?
  2. How would we find where the user list is coming from? We don’t want to break open all the files in the project, right?
    Let’s see what we know. We have some users in the drop-down list in the UI. The names of the users has to come from some file which for which we need to put out a look-out notice for. We can use Ctrl+Shift+f in VS code to do just that.

I want to understand how can I play with these values and which trades,json the python code is actually taking in as argument?

The UI is a Spring boot app due to which we are using ./gradlew bootrun for running it whereas the Python dashboard utility as you would know is an independent “thing” occupying the space of the annual-return-app for now.
Python code(dashboard.py) is pretty much readable, see if you can spot our guy :wink:

Nb: Feel free to open the annual-return-app in your workspace just like we open the praveen-sunkara-ME_QMONEY folder to go through the files more easily

Happy Learning By Doing!

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