[QMoney][Module 5]: How to create user in QMoney UI?

I see a set of users available to chose from the user drop down in the QMoney UI, I would like to understand from where is this user field being passed into the UI and how can I have my own name as a user.

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Hi @praveen.sunkara
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hello @praveen.sunkara
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and to reply your question,
we are doing backend work , in the whole codebase there isn’ mentioned about name of the stock bearer, if you look at the trades.json file, there also is just details of stocks ‘x’ person bought for which the frontend team is asking for,
If you are asking for a developer point of view, you can always edit trades.json file and send your own stocks.
For better understanding you can think that frontend team is providing us with a json file with details of the stocks and that’s the access our codebase has.

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