QMoney Module 4 Milestone 4

I am unable to get what I have to do in milestone 4 to pass calculateExtrapolatedAnnualizedReturn.

While I used git initially in module4 then there was some error in calculateAnnualizedReturns in PortfolioManagerApplication so I edited it.
And Now I don’t know which function to edit.

Hey, we do have potential FAQ on the forum, for this test case. Do check this post -

Sir, this is returning success for
./gradlew run --args=“trades.json 2020-01-01”

while there is error in executing
./gradlew build test

I am getting spotbugs due to constructor in PortfolioManagerImpl.java

@Akp Constructor should be there in that file, try to see other aspects. Usually, spotbug files show the root cause of a particular error, but we are also having other solutions to make the things errorless without removing the necessity of a file :wink:

Are we allowed to make different new class files in the project?

Please don’t create any new files. This ME is designed in a way that you won’t need to create new files in any module.

As you are getting Spotbug errors that means you may have solved this issue. I’m closing this ticket. If any of the above reply has helped you find the solution for your issue please mark that reply as a solution. If your issue is still not resolved please feel free to create a new topic and add this topic’s link in the description.

Ok. I have created the new class, but the code worked without using that class.