Qmoney module 2 trades_invalid_stock test case failing all other are passing?

can anybody tell me what should i do?
In the terminal it is showing 6 test cases passed 1 failed and the failed one is invalid_stock.
I don’t know why it is failing

Im getting assertionerror

Hey, can you help me. I am not able to understand how to filter information in totalreturndto
Like what to use, list,array or something else
Please provide some hints

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please clarify yur question more, what do you mean by totalreturndto ?

I mean in module 2 we have to arrange stocks in ascending order.
I am able to retrieve the closing price using API.
But now what to do?

well there are multiple ways.
one can be u can try to map symbol and price together and sort them
then extract the symbol values .
search about hashmap may be that will help

I tried the hash map approach. But the sorting part is too complicated

did you go through the link that was provided in the task for sorting in java?

Hey, there might be a chance you have hardcoded certain data.

I found the reason why it is failing because in the test file it is expecting a runtime error but my file is not producing the runtimeerror
My code is fetching the data for the last date from the api output irrespective wether it is equal to end date or not so my code always give some output but the test file is expecting runtime error .
I tried to throw runtime error but now it is giving me some other error.
I have tried many things but havn’t been able to solve the problem