QMoney module 1 , failing the assessment

i am getting the correct output in the terminal but the assessment is failing. pls check @anand-crio

static code quality log file:
2020-03-10 14:09:52,494 staticCodeQuality INFO Running gradle to check static code quality
2020-03-10 14:10:23,254 staticCodeQuality INFO Gradle run complete
2020-03-10 14:10:23,258 staticCodeQuality INFO Build failed


Let me suggest the following things in order to make the online build assessment a bit easy for you for this as well as the upcoming modules.

Try to follow the following things

Suggestion 1: Try to run build locally before pushing your code by the following commands ./gradlew build and ./gradlew test

Suggestion 2: Try to debug code, there are very good tutorials available online :slight_smile: , I would like to give you one link which helped me a lot


Suggestion 3: You’ll be dealing with lint/checkstyle errors frequently in the upcoming modules, so I suggest you read about what is Linting and how to resolve them.

Suggestion 4: I suggest you not to make any guesses on resolving a particular error :sweat_smile: , each line of code has a unique personality in it, so what you should do is search for the tutorials about the concept and try to gauge how the stuff is working.

Suggestion 5: Try to learn GIT commands functionalities, like sometime we use those commands but dont know the functionality of them. So its always better to know how the commands stuff is working internally, to get a sure shot and sharp picture.

Hope you’ll have a good experience in the upcoming modules :running_man:

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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i have tried the first suggestion and this exception is coming up.


If you’re using this as a command

./gradlew build and ./gradlew test

Then It’ll not gonna work, coz they are two difference commands, try to use eighter ./gradlew build or ./gradlew test :slight_smile:

Hi @nhvrm18,

Please run ./gradlew build on your terminal, and post a full screenshot of the terminal. That’ll help us better to resolve your issue.

@nhvrm18 as you can see in your shared screenshot, you are dealing with lexicographical errors.


Try to adjust your all imports in alphabetical order.

Also please follow my 3rd suggestion, some of the errors are based on Linting. ( Like Indentation and all that )

i have adjusted them using source_action>>organize_import

No you need to adjust all import in the way they are, organize_import will probably change the structure of the imports, and you’ll probably get some other errors.

after removing the lexicographic errors.


Spotbugs and pmds also point out some errors and problems in your code.

Please check the below link to resolve the issue

SpotBugs rule violation

copy that link and open in terminal browser you will find it below test(flask like icon) there you can see what lind of bug is there and how to resolve it for quick solution dont use = = or =< operator to compare strings.

i am not getting this.
line 44 : String content = new String(byteArray);


Please see this link

Build failed dm_default_encoding

@nhvrm18 I will DM you.
Please check.

thank you so much .solved the error.

Closing this topic as your issue is resolved by the mentor. If it is still not resolved, please feel free to create a new topic and post this question as a reference link in the description of the new topic.