QMoney dashboard error: Module 3 not unlocked yet

I have completed modules 1 and 2 of QMoney, passed the assessments as well as completed the debriefs, but when I try to load the page, I am not getting module 3 access. On reloading the page, I’m getting this error, where module 1 task milestones are showing up under module 2 task board (screenshots attached). The debrief questions seem to be the ones from QBox. Even module 1 milestones are locked again even though I have completed them.

I have tried the steps listed on this post: Module or Debrief Tasks not getting unlocked :(
The metadata.json file has module name as “ME_QMONEY_MODULE_REST_API”
I have tried a git force-push too but it hasn’t worked out.
Please look into this.

Can you one or both of the following:

  • hard refresh
  • clearing cookies

Hard refresh did not work, but clearing browser cookies worked for me. Thanks a lot for helping out!