qmoney:compileTestJava failed at assessment but local build is successful

All test cases passed and no warning, how to tackle this.

There will be some hidden test cases tested during assessment evaluation, write code such that even the corner cases and hidden test cases will be passed during assessment evaluation
Refer this: Edge Cases are failing

it fail before test case run,because in assessment no failed and success test case showing.

Make sure that your makereadfile() function exist in portfolioApplication class.
It worked for me.

All previous written functions are there.

is your problem solved ??

No bro, I am waiting some one reply from crio team.

please past screen-shot of error.we get more idea about it.

any idea how to fix it.

any one have idea how to fix this.i completed the 2 module in first day and after that there are no progress because of this.

have you modified any of the files under test directory?

No sir, just debug my code using test file.

Please verify again. Your static code is passing means there is no issue with your main code.
Something is wrong while compiling the tests. This can happen only when you have modified some files in test directory by mistake… check it with using git log and then git show <commit_id>

Ok sir I will post msg after check.