Qeats Login failed

i can’t login into qeats. it is saying " Login Failed: failed to connect to localhost/"

You have to enter your workspace url there.

my post is not showing i the #showcase. i don’t know what went wrong

[26/Jan/2020 19:21:21] “GET /qeats/v1/social HTTP/1.0” 200 25
[26/Jan/2020 19:21:23] “POST /qeats/v1/tags HTTP/1.0” 200 2
[26/Jan/2020 19:21:36] “POST /qeats/v1/review/share HTTP/1.0” 200 34
[26/Jan/2020 19:21:36] “GET /qeats/v1/orders/?userId= HTTP/1.0” 200 654

this is what shows up in the terminal. nothing is showing up in the #showcase

You’re missing a parameter. Check again and try.

i can’t find it. what am i looking at