QBox module 5 packet capturing in ping_traceroute.pcap

@Kiran when i am trying to capture the packets using ping and traceroute .it is always exceeding the size.

This will help you :slight_smile:

Refer the cheatsheet for hints as well https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f74oP50L11fjmzcdTJ2dlc8qimgWbBbh8aC45YbXkYc/edit?usp=sharing

i used port not 8080 with tcpdump but it is still the same.

is it necessay to complete module 5? because QMoney has been unlocked.
and while i am running working for milstone 2 of module 5 the workspace got very slow.
please have a look.


These forum posts could be helpful to further reduce your pcap file size

when i am applying the filter of port 8081,8082,8083 . no packets are captured

Think about that like this:

  1. Why would I choose ports 8081, 8082 and 8083 specifically? Are they somehow related to ping or traceroute?

  2. Check on how ping and traceroute works under the hood using the resources shared at the end of the milestone. This way you’ll get an idea of what all types of requests and ports are included during the execution of these commands

How I did it was don’t bother about the file size first. Download the file and view it in wireshark. Filter the packets you require and export them to a new file. Upload this file to your workspace(delete the previous file) and write down your answers according to this new file.